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Duke of Edinburgh – Great Keppel Island

  • August 6, 2020

Duke of Edinburgh – Great Keppel Island

Over the last three years, a group of Year 12 students have been working to achieve first our bronze, silver and now our gold Duke of Edinburgh awards. To do this we have been consistently completing hours of sport, service and a new skill, as well as adventurous journeys. Each camp has been completely different to the last and we have always had a great time and taken away a new skill. 

During the last week of the holidays we travelled to Great Keppel Island for our final camp. Though we were all set to travel to Rockhampton and back on the tilt train, a last minute emergency on the train line caused a change of plan and we went on a bus. After arriving at Rockhampton at midnight, some of us got a few hours sleep at the train station before a bus ride and ferry trip to get to the island. 

We spent three nights at Great Keppel Island Holiday Village, which had a super nice, relaxed atmosphere and was the perfect place to stay while we explored the beautiful island. The crystal blue waters and pristine beaches were so pretty! Our days were filled with hiking and snorkelling, with plenty of time spent cooking in the camp kitchen and playing cards. There were early morning wake ups for the sunrise and late nights around the fire. Some of the best parts were getting to see some weird and amazing fish, coral, giant clams, massive sea urchins and rays. I definitely gained more of an appreciation for and idea of just how many sea creatures are so close to shore. 

Other highlights included sitting on the beach at sunset where we had the perfect vantage point to watch stunning sunsets over the water, all having some really good burgers when we were hungry after a snorkel and hike, and what has become a must do for us girls each camp: successfully pranking the boys. We had an amazing time and were all super tired by the end of it. We spent the final night in Rockhampton, before waking up early to head home again. The current circumstances with COVID-19 made the trip a bit unique and meant a socially distanced train ride back.

We are all extremely grateful to be at a school that gives us this opportunity and are especially thankful for the time and effort Mr Kasselman has put into this; Mr Whysall as well, and his dedication to capturing the memories for us. Not only that but for the spirit of fun and adventure that they both bring to the camps. We’ve had the best time on these trips and have definitely made memories for life.

Madeleine Roulston, Year 12 student and College Captain

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