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DeLorean Project – Mystery Box Challenge

  • March 18, 2020

DeLorean Project – Mystery Box Challenge

The DeLorean Project runs exclusively at Glasshouse Christian College for our Year 10 students. The aim is to develop the students skills and capabilities in the areas of Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Creative Mindset and Use of Technology. During Term 1, students have been working on a pilot project to give them a taste of what a ‘DeLorean Project’ looks like. 

In the project, we encourage students to THINK, CREATE & SHARE. What we have found in the past is that our young people get stuck on the creating and sharing part because of the fear of failure. What if it’s not good enough? As an adult, can you relate to this?

The DeLorean Project provides opportunities for students to explore and apply new understandings and knowledge in various design challenges. One of the first for Term 1 was to design a new accessory to replace the outdated pirate hand. Students embraced the brief and created some brilliant prototypes to solve the problems of the consumer. This was a valuable experience and has consequently helped the students understand the importance of knowing the consumer’s pains/gains and having a prototype to model the concept. In startup language, this is called an MVP (minimum viable product).

One of the favourite design challenges, and one that never ceases to wow the facilitators in the Mystery Box Challenge. Students were required to bring in an item of food and a utensil. They were then randomly assigned to a team and given time to design and create a plate of food. There is always a box of random items that students may wish to trade for an original item. The aim of the challenge is to concentrate on collaboration and working as a team to creatively solve a problem. For the second year in a row, The Mystery Box Challenge highlights the creative talents of the students and the judges were pleasantly surprised by the combination of flavours they found on the plates – not too many gag worthy moments! 

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