Charlie Bidgood presents at the Glasshouse Rotary Club - Glasshouse Christian College

Charlie Bidgood presents at the Glasshouse Rotary Club

  • May 24, 2021

On Monday 17 May, Charlie Bidgood, one of our Year 10 Senior Science students, was invited to give a short presentation to the local Glasshouse Rotary Club.

In January this year, Charlie attended the three-day ConocoPhillips ‘Science Experience’ which was held at the University of Queensland campus. This three-day ‘Science Experience’ was fully sponsored by the Glasshouse Rotary Club. At the Rotary Club meeting, Charlie confidently outlined the activities and workshops which he attended during the three-day ‘Science Experience’.  Charlie also talked about his Delorean Project which involves making LED L and P plates with a 3-D printed housing. All the members of the Glasshouse Rotary Club were impressed by Charlie’s presentation and his Delorean Project.

On behalf of Glasshouse Christian College, I would like to thank the Glasshouse Rotary Club for their continued financial sponsorship of our Science students.

Any Year 9 Science student who is interested in applying for next years ‘Science Experience’ please see Mr Doolan by the end of this term.

Fenton Doolan, Head of Science

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