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Baton Relay Celebrations

  • June 21, 2018

Baton Relay Celebrations

This week we celebrated the fantastic running done by all Primary children in the Baton Relay Around Australia. Students were delighted to receive a small reward for their efforts and winning classes were celebrated too.

Students ran for 10 minutes, four days each week for six weeks and accumulated laps for their class and personal tallies. These were converted into kilometres and their progress was tracked on a huge map of Australia. The race was on to get around Australia first.

This year’s race was particularly close between the Year 3 classes and Year 6 classes. The rain did hamper the running for a couple of weeks but classes managed to squeeze as many runs in as possible.

After the six weeks, 3W were declared the winning class! Every member of this class just kept on running and finished just a few laps in front of second placegetters, 3M.

The Junior Competition was won by Prep White who had a class full of keen runners and many others who just kept chugging along. The preps raced around their playground area and enjoyed getting out and challenging themselves to run more laps than the week before.

These classes won a day out at some fun venues and maybe a trip to the beach with Mrs Stott or Mr Bennett in Term 4 when the weather is warmer.

The girl and boy in each class who ran the most laps were also presented a certificate and prize. These students just powered around the oval every day and got themselves really fit for the GCC Cross Country. Many of them also went on to represent GCC at the District Cross Country Competition.

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards were also presented to the highest laps run by Girls and Boys in the Junior and Upper Primary Schools. Lily Breen and Cooper Stevens ran the highest number of laps with Lily running 135 laps and Cooper running 128. That equates to Lily running 45 kilometres over the five weeks of running which was a great effort. Ella McKenzie and Bailey James were the Champion Prep – Year 2 runners with 80 and 87 laps respectively.

Everyone put in a fantastic effort for their classes and got fitter along the way also. Of course the fresh air and exercise refreshed the brains and the students were much more effective with their school work after running!! Well done everyone.

Prep to Year 2 lapathon winners:

Class Boys Laps Girls Laps
PG Quinn Dunford

Jack Usher

116   70 Ella McKenzie 133   80
PM Rocky Demerutis 122   74 Anika Taylor 119   72
PW Joel Morris 144   86 Elannah Spiteri 109   66
Red – converted to 300m lap – Prep lap 170m
1G Bailey James 87 Estelle Collins 78
1M Kai Campbell 81 Indi Marshall 54
1W Connor Bound 56 Kannika Clamp 47
2G Oscar Ramsay 82 Emma Slater

Eadie Townsend

2M Thomas Jones 73 Georgie Cobb 66
2W Ayden Shaw

Jack Ives

72 Chloe Jarvis 60

Winning Junior Class – Prep W    7125 km

Prep – 2 Overall Individual Winners

Most Individual Laps

Girls Class Laps Boys Class Laps
Ella McKenzie PG 80 Bailey James 1G 87
Estelle Collins 1G 78 Joel Morris PW 86
Anika Taylor PM 72 Oscar Ramsay 2G 82

Year 3 to 6 lapathon winners:

3G Cooper Stevens 128 Bella Campbell 103
3M Micah Constant 123 Lily Short 119
3W Lachlan Broderick 105 Sophie Sharma 87
4G Cooper Rana 81 Jasmine Hazelden 72
4M Hayden Cullen 110 Bridget Mackie 80
4W Ben Ramke 87 Breeanna Aldridge 67
5G Jordan Dalleau 93 Chloe Turnbull 75
5M Uyapo Kombanie 52 Hayley Sutherland-Small 40
5W Noah Cobb 101 Mikayla Blinston 82
6G Jake O’Grady Schroter 119 Brooke Gledhill 112
6M Matthew Fielding 122 Lily Breen 135
6W Joshua Balfour

Jared Moss

79 Keira Lerch 75

Winning Year 3 – 6 Class – 3G        10285 km       2475 Laps

Year 3 – 6 Overall Individual Winners

Most Individual Laps

Girls Class Laps Boys Class Laps
Lily Breen 6M 135 Cooper Stevens 3G 128
Lily Short 3M 119 Micah Constant 3M 123
Brooke Gledhill 6G 112 Matthew Fielding 6M 122

GCC Families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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