Year 7 visited by federal MP, Mr Andrew Wallace - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 7 visited by federal MP, Mr Andrew Wallace

  • August 16, 2018

Last Thursday, 9 August, the Year 7s were privileged to have our own federal MP, Mr Andrew Wallace, come to visit with them and to present them with their certificates for visiting Canberra.

Mr Wallace spoke to the class about his role and what he does to represent the Sunshine Coast area in federal parliament. The class had been challenged to prepare the best possible questions for Mr Wallace to answer which led to some excellent discussion time. Mr Wallace was most impressed with Hudson Cameron’s question about what is being done to assist the farmers struggling with drought and so awarded Hudson with the ‘Canberra Ring of Power’ provided by Ms Calais.

It was a formal visit but also an interesting and fun time for the students which helped them to make a practical connection with Canberra and Parliament House and our own federal MP, Mr Wallace.

Tania Calais

Andrew Wallace MP

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