Alumni catch up: Moale James - Glasshouse Christian College

Alumni catch up: Moale James

  • June 22, 2022

Alumni catch up: Moale James

Moale was Glasshouse Christian College’s 2016 Captain and recently responded to our shout-out for past GCC captains to let us know what they have been up to.

Moale has a Facebook page called Our Knowledge, Our Practice, Our Stories and her own website as a storyteller. Here is a brief extract from the website to let you know more:

“While there are many terms Moale James could use to identify herself, she is first, a proud Papua New Guinean-Australian woman.

​”Coming from a family of artists (musicians, dancers, weavers, performers, storytellers), she has spent most of her life taking part in the many productions of Drum Drum and Sunameke. However, her first passion comes back to storytelling and captivating her community in the stories she tells. This passion has led her to write for a number of organisations like, Ascension Magazine, Asia Pacific Report and The Art Relations Journal – to name a few. 

​”Moale also strongly believes that engaging in storytelling with different communities is a powerful tool to create harmony. She delves into this theory more in her Tedx talk, “Three cups of tea”. 

​”The desire to learn more about her creative practice has led her to study a Bachelor of Communications (Major in Journalism) at the Queensland University of Technology. ​Much of Moale’s work has been focused on this passion for creating harmony between communities, sharing stories and building on her knowledge with her mentors, elders and through higher education.”

At the time of gathering this information, Moale was about to board a flight to New Zealand so we look forward to finding out more in the future.

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