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A little party never killed nobody!

  • September 13, 2018

A little party never killed nobody!

In celebration of their hard work this term, the Year 12 English teachers invited their charges to the ‘Gatsby Mansion’ for a celebration worthy of Term 3 and the completion of one of many rites of passages that are found in this unique year of their schooling – the QCS test.

Joining with the IT Department, this party provided students with a Photo Booth made possible by Mr Evans for a memory-building experience.

After a session in front of the camera, ‘Let them eat cake’ echoed through the 20s Jazz charged speakers with a king-sized sponge cake congratulating our students on their QCS success. This was accompanied by pizza and drinks worthy of a Gatsby Soiree.

With students dressing up, enjoying treats and words of wisdom drawn from their English text, ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald, this party also became a powerful way to reinforce the value every person holds in the eyes of God.

Special thanks must go to IT teacher, Mr Brad Evans (IndieStudios) for his time and equipment, and Mrs Rachel Bull and Ms Merissa Wischnat for their behind the scenes planning and execution of food delivery. Thank you also to the great team of English teachers (Ms Calais and Mr Maguire) who cut, pasted, stuck, attached and sorted props, costumes and resources to create a party environment. A further ‘shout out’ goes to Year 12 English Communication and their teacher Mr Russell Modlin, who supported their peers, making them breakfast and lunch each day throughout the QCS test. Finally, a massive congratulations to Year 12 on the completion of their Term 3 English work and their QCS test.

As Fitzgerald would say, echoed in the words of Year Level Coordinator, Mr Rob Maguire, teachers and parents can have ‘extraordinary… hope’ sending this cohort of students out into the world in 2019.

Mrs da Silva, HoD of English

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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