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A great aquathlon experience

  • October 30, 2019

A great aquathlon experience

On Sunday two young students competed in the Sunshine Coast School Sport Aquathlon Championships held at Lake Kawana. Hayden Cullen and Estelle Collins who are both quality runners and swimmers competed in their very first aquathlon event.

Competitors came from near and far, even interstate so the quality of the field was high. They were both nervous but excited before the competition but they both had great races and finished really strongly.

Estelle ran 500m, swam 100m and ran another 500m and Hayden ran 1km, swam 200m and then ran another 1km to the finish. The swim was in Lake Kawana which was a different experience and a little daunting for them but they both handled this well.

Hayden and Estelle went through the transition area really quickly, taking off and putting on shoes at speed and taking cap and goggles off while running up the sand. Hayden passed many people during the run phases and Estelle passed many in the swim part of her race.

They both really enjoyed the experience and are keen to compete in some more similar events in the future.

Wendy Stott

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