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A deep gratitude

  • November 28, 2019

A deep gratitude

Being a Victorian,  we hear the “G” word quite a lot. Most Victorians can’t wait to go to the G (MCG). I personally miss it. It’s there that people display so many emotions as they watch their team win, lose, win, lose and hopefully win. When your team wins that gratitude makes you forget the tough times and makes you want to come back to the G to go through it all again. 

I hope we can all win this Christmas and with this in mind, I want to give us all a challenge to consider the Big G in our lives – G for Gratefulness. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest attitudes and is closely related to Joy. This attitude can transform your life and produce incredible memories. Let’s get the Grinch out from our lives and begin asking ourselves, “what am I grateful for? Pause and think of five things. Recently, I have been unwell and mine became simple – breath, sight, good health, sleep, and a body that functions well. 

I have reflected over my last three and a half years here at GCC. My thoughts helped me appreciate every second at this College. The great times and even the challenging moments have all influenced me and made me a better person. I am grateful for the team God has raised up here to serve you all faithfully. From the awesome foursome who create this garden of Eden here at GCC to the cleaners, the staff, the T.A.s, students, families and our incredible leadership team that work tirelessly to make this place such a great place. 

Most of all I am so grateful to God for making this time together possible, for revealing His love, leading the way and for opening up hearts and endless opportunities to share and reflect His love. Every conversation I have cherished. 

As I leave GCC, my reflections have led me to believe that it isn’t “All good things come to an end”, it’s more “The best is yet to come for all of us.” I cannot express how having a relationship with Jesus and allowing God to lead the way has helped me have such a grateful attitude. He promises us a future and gives us hope. 

Is there something you are grateful for right now? Challenge yourself to shine with gratefulness over the Christmas break. I am sure that if you do this, you will create great life within, amongst your family, your friends and everyone you meet. Hopefully, it will produce a habit that will become a life filled with joy throughout the rest of your life. 

Most of all this Christmas may we all take a moment to be grateful and thankful for God who gave Himself to us in the form of a human baby named Jesus. What a joy He was then and still is today in the lives of all who put their faith and trust in Him. The two great fruits that He loves to produce when He lives within His children are love and Joy. It doesn’t get much better than that. That makes Christmas great.

Thank you, everyone, for your love, care, encouragement and your part in my life and in sharing God’s love to all. You will never be forgotten and I look forward with joy to dropping in and seeing you all again in the near future. Rest assured I will continue to pray for GCC and I pray that you experience great Joy no matter what your circumstances are this Christmas. God bless you all. 

Robert Wolsley, College Pastor

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