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Performing Arts: events, activities & learning

  • June 22, 2022

Performing Arts: events, activities & learning

Despite the continued obstacles of COVID and the unexpected weather, it is great to see the Arts return to its full capacity at GCC. This has been well supported by our Year 12 Arts Captains, which has grown this year to include four students – Cara Bales (Art and Drama), Oliver Hestehauge (Drama), Aden Draper (Music) and Lexi Brannigan (Dance). Each of these students has contributed to the various events that have already taken place during Semester 1 and we look forward to what they have in store for the second half of the year. 

Drama students have been able to experience live theatre and also learn from industry experts through incursions. Year 12 Drama students had the opportunity to workshop their ideas for the final assessment task alongside the support of Grin and Tonic during an incursion early Term 2. They had to contemporise a classical Greek script for a modern audience to emphasise a dramatic meaning that is still relevant today. 

Year 10 and 11 Drama students were able to experience the phrase ‘dinner and a show,’ as they dressed in their best for a live performance at QPAC. The production was the classical story of Jane Eyre by Shake n Stir which took on a gothic interpretation that allowed the students to respond to the style they studied for Unit 2. 

Middle School drama students have developed their knowledge and skills through performances and writing their own scripts throughout the semester.

Year 7 classes have explored a pertinent message relating to the impacts, both positive and negative, that technology can have on our daily lives and family relationships.

Year 8 students have risen to the challenge of writing their own Melodrama scripts to then perform and entertain their audience with the classic theme of good overcoming evil.

The Year 9 class established their learning with the foundational elements of drama through an in-depth study of Realism. They had the opportunity in Term 2 to expand their knowledge and skills through a Monologue unit. Students performed a Shakespeare monologue and wrote their own contemporary monologue, which was inspired by the beautifully illustrated book ‘Stepping Stones – ‘A Refugee Family’s Journey’ by Margriet Ruurs.

A recent highlight for 2022, was the first musical in the GPAC. And while the Arts staff are catching their breath we are already gearing up for 2023. We look forward to announcing the bi-annual Arts Tour to our Senior students who are studying one of the Arts subjects (Art, Dance, Drama and Music). Drama students will also have the opportunity to audition for the Drama Production that occurs during the week of celebration of the arts in Term 3 (2023). 

Arts Captains and Sonya Osberger 

GCC families can see all the photos here on Pixevety.

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