Yr 5 Girls Oz Tag Champions - Glasshouse Christian College

Yr 5 Girls Oz Tag Champions

  • August 28, 2013

The Year 5 girls were very excited as they returned to GCCC as Oz Tag Champions. Three teams of Year 5 students have been training for the Oz Tag Schools Challenge for the past few weeks and were ready to play teams from all over the Sunshine Coast. The teams played four or five games each working well together as teams with many students showing brilliant evasive technique and illusive running skills to score some great tries. There were some fantastic tags made also. Sometimes when a try seemed sure to be scored a GCCC player would dive and grab the tag to save the try just at the last moment.

The Year 5 girls only lost one very close game in their round games and then had to play St Andrews College in the final. It was very close but our girls played one of their best games scoring four tries to the St Andrews two to become Year 5 Champions! Willow Hildreth cut through the opposition using the spin technique to score from all over the park. Jaylah Daunt and Emily Roach showed their sprinting speed to score several run away tries. Sophie Trevan also squeezed through on the blind side to score a couple of spectacular tries.

The Boys 1 team had two wins, one draw and one loss against a very slick Palmwoods team. Millar Wilson-Raatz showed his skill in being to weave through and dodge the opposition players and was rewarded by scoring seven of the team’s tries. Millar, Noah Woolston and Jesse Goddard made some fantastic diving tags, stopping players on their way to the try line. The boys played some great Oz Tag were very competitive finishing in third position.

The Boys 2 team also played well as a team but were less experienced than their opposition. They lost their four games but also scored a few good tries and made some great tags throughout the day.

Once again our faithful parents were a great support to the teams and the students really enjoyed the opportunity to play in this competition and were great ambassadors for our College.

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