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Youth Alpha

  • May 5, 2022

Youth Alpha

I wonder how many of you have considered questions like: why am I here, is there more to life than this, who is Jesus and what evidence is there that he really existed?

These are just a few of the questions that are explored throughout the Youth Alpha series. 

Over the past few weeks, the College Pastors have been running the Youth Alpha course in the Lifehouse on Wednesdays at lunchtime with some of our Middle School students. 

During the sessions we watch a video then we open the floor for a time of questions and discussion.

Alpha is designed to engage students in some of life’s most important questions and introduces them to some of the basics of the Christian life such as faith, prayer and reading the bible.

The first week we started, the students had so many questions there wasn’t enough time to answer them all.  Alpha has gone so well with the Middle School students that we have decided to also run the series with the senior students on Fridays at lunchtime. 

The best thing about Alpha is if any of you as parents are also interested in watching the series you can because it is available for free on YouTube.  I pray it will be a blessing to those of you who choose to watch it.

Donna Newell, College Pastor

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