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Year 9 visit the city

  • September 3, 2013

Two great stories from two Year 9 students about their day trip to Brisbane.

Year 9 visit the city

On Tuesday the 13 August, the Year 9 students embarked on a journey to Brisbane city.

To get to the big city we caught a train, which taught us how to behave appropriately on public transport and also how to use our Go Cards that we were

In the city we were split up into six different groups and were given a map with different landmarks we had to find. One of the places we had to walk to was Anzac Square. In Anzac Square we took photos of the different statues and answered some historical questions.

After finding all the landmarks we made our way to our indigenous cultural activities. This was held at Musgrave Park. When we got to our destination we were introduced to the people there. One of them was called Adrian.
In two groups we did different activities. Group one firstly listened to a speech and then learnt some aboriginal dances, while group two painted their own boomerangs. After we had swapped over, so that everyone had a turn at everything, we learnt how to throw a boomerang.

There were many failed attempts but Moale James of 9W successfully threw her boomerang…. hitting Mr.Warren on its descent.

After our fabulous time at Musgrave Park we walked to South Bank. At South Bank we had some lunch and then made our way to the ferry.

Overall the Year 9 Brisbane excursion was both exciting and informative. I’m sure many of the Year 9s had a fantastic day.

by Hollie Warner 9G

Our day trip to Brisbane

A couple of weeks ago all the Year 9 students went on an excursion to Brisbane city. This excursion was very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. During this excursion we did multiple things such as explore parts of Brisbane city and look atdifferent monuments or places so that we could answer questions and find out what they meant.

After this, we continued on to Musgrave Park where we learned about the indigenous people and their culture. We learned about their traditional dances and the didgeridoo. It was interesting to hear that in aboriginal culture it is offensive for women to play this item. I also found it interesting that it is an inclusive culture and invites everyone to come and be part of their culture and actually welcomes people of all nationalities to play their instruments such as their didgeridoo.

I also found the transport interesting as we caught public transport to and from the city. I found this very enjoyable and a different approach to the usual way we go to and from excursions which is on a bus. When we were on the train we were mingling with different people and experiencing things that some may have never experienced before.

I found this excursion very helpful and I hope that the school will do more excursions like this.

Aaron Gisler

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