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Year 9 Readers Cup

  • September 12, 2019

Year 9 Readers Cup

Sometimes the best part of reading is sharing the journey and the enjoyment of a book with a group of friends. Chatting about plot twists, characters and discussing how the storyline is impacting a reader, can be some of the best conversations book lovers can share. This certainly was the case for our Year 9 Readers Cup team for 2019. Avid readers – Calani Payton, Cara Bales, Olivia Ellis and Ruby Smith joined forces to form an enthusiastic team, who despite the challenge of reading six books (1581 pages!) took on the task with enthusiasm and determined effort. Congratulations girls for your work towards a fantastic night of competition. Although the team were not in the finals on the night, it was clear that they were winners for their teamwork and camaraderie, and for their positive attitude on the night.

Some of the team’s favourite books include: Sister Heart, When Friendship Followed Me Home and Elephant in the Garden. All the books from the competition are now available for students to borrow for over the holidays.

Teams were also invited to create a BookSnap to share at the competition. BookSnaps are trending in the YA Fiction world and many great examples can be found on the internet, Instagram and Pinterest. These clever representations or ‘snaps’ of a book certainly invite you to take a dive into a great plot and to look beyond the cover to discover an interesting or intriguing story. The Glasshouse Christian College contribution was created by Cara Bales. Well done Cara for capturing the essence of ‘Sister Heart’ by Sally Morgan.

The next Sunshine Coast Regional Readers Cup competition will be held in late October when our Year 7 team will compete. Reading for this competition has commenced and I’m sure the Year 9 team has lots of tips and strategies to share.  According to our Year 9 team, the best part of Readers Cup is reading all the fantastic books and the excitement of the competition on the night!

Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarian

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