Year 9 Overnight Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 9 Overnight Camp

  • November 6, 2013

On 17 October, all the girls in Year 9 stayed overnight at a campsite at Mary Valley.

Overall it was a wonderful experience, with great learning opportunities, resulting in a further understanding of who we are as young women and individuals.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by friendly staff who welcomed us and showed us to our nice cabins.

Later that afternoon, Mr Warren talked to us about self-worth and how much God loves us. It was an uplifting talk that recognised how great girls really are. Afterwards, half the girls went on a bush walk and met up with one of the friendly neighbours; a shaggy dog that proceeded to follow us around for the rest of the camp.

That night, Miss Gook and Miss Read talked to us about life compasses, and how we can choose which one will lead us and guide our choices.

The next day, Miss Devitt allowed us to go off in our own areas around the campsite and reflect on our lives and the choices we make.

Later that afternoon, Mrs Cutlack talked to us about beauty, and how women see themselves compared to how others see them.

We ended up the camp with a declaration of how we are princesses to God, and that we are strong and BEAUTIFUL!

Isabelle Westaway

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