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Year 9 History excursion

  • December 2, 2020

Year 9 History excursion

On Friday 27 November, the Year 9 students and their English teachers headed to Brisbane, on a quest to know more about our past, mainly our country’s involvement in the two worlds wars. Two separate sessions, hosted by The Museum of Brisbane and The Anzac Memorial Galleries, aimed to teach us about the importance of certain events in the wars, their influence and a side to the story that we hadn’t already known.

This was coupled with explanations of the complex meanings behind parts of Anzac Square and the memorial galleries. Our groups then headed to meet at South Bank, for lunch and a chance to catch the magnificent view from the top of the Big Wheel of Brisbane with our friends. Our day came to a close with a quick visit to the Gallery of Modern Art, before packing up, and heading home. I found the entire trip much better than learning in the classroom. The ability to view buildings that played an important part in the war effort added to the experience, as you can imagine the people years ago lining the streets and occupying buildings. Being able to view plaques in the Memorial Gallery made the connection between statistics and real, human lives who were lost fighting for our country. And those sorts of experiences are difficult to find. 

Here’s what some of the students had to say when they were asked what they enjoyed about the excursion:

I really enjoyed the GOMA, art gallery because there were some fantastic and beautiful pieces inside it, as well as the big wheel that was very fun overall and really enjoyable.
I learnt about the many people who died in both wars, and that they each had faces and lives, and weren’t just a number.
Wonderful memories and happiness.
Interactive Screens.
The Ferris Wheel is so much fun.
I loved learning more about WW1. I know a lot already, but I also learned a lot today too.
The history and significance of WWII history, and the significance of that said history to Australian culture.
What I took out of the excursion is the knowledge that Australia had history and helped with the war as well.
It was really good to have a more interactive experience about the war, instead of listening to a zoom session.
That this is a good way to end the year.
I learnt more about Brisbane and the different stories from it during the war.
I learnt a lot about some of the battles that Australia fought in.
Learning what went on in Brisbane specifically in WWII.
It was a good learning experience for not only the holocaust in Europe but also Australia’s contribution to both the first and second world wars.
The Queensland contribution to both world wars, both at home or elsewhere.
Information about the Light Horsemen in WW1.
The Ferris wheel.

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

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