Year 9 Girls’ Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 9 Girls’ Camp

  • October 23, 2013

The Year 9 teachers recently took the Year 9 girls to a camp, which was a ‘Woman’s Business Camp’. The teachers did an amazing job in organizing it and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

They made us feel like princesses; they gave us time to be by ourselves, they took us on a hike up a mountain and even though we nearly got lost it was lots of fun and a great experience, and not to mention the fleas and the ticks, oh gosh! That was the best-bit 😀 (not).

For the girls who stayed back, we enjoyed playing with hula hoops and cards. We spent most of the day playing games and getting inspirational lectures from our teachers. We learnt a lot from the camp and we learnt things about each other that we wouldn’t normally know.

Although it was only for one day we really enjoyed it and it was a lot of fun especially when we had the photo-shoot. Gosh. Some of us are such posers.

Written by Natasha Kukulies and Moale James

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