Year 8 Camp - Higher Ground - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 8 Camp – Higher Ground

  • April 30, 2014

Our camp this year was based around learning and practising perseverance and teamwork.  Our students spent several days learning survival skills and then went out in small groups into the wilderness.  Each group had to trek up a mountain (until we got there, we didn’t realise how big a mountain is when you have to climb it!), set up their own campsites, cook and help each other get back to base camp.  Through this experience each group grew together and learnt how to help each other to achieve their goals for each activity.  We had some great feedback from students, and I have included a few quotes for you…

“I felt a great sense of achievement once we finished the camp out – to realise we could actually do it’
“There were a lot of different activities!”
“Food was GOOD!”
“It was a great bonding and friendship building experience.”
“We got to burn stuff!”
“There were lots of moth larvae on ground that moved together – they were gross!’
“Full Steam Ahead!”
“Don’t forget your torch”
“You can do it!!!”
“Learning how to make stuff in the bush – fun!”
I am so glad we went on this camp together.  Our students grew together as a team and this will undoubtedly transfer to our work as a group in years to come.
Kerrianne Draper
Year 8 Level Coordinator
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