Year 8 Camp 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 8 Camp 2015

  • May 13, 2015

Well, Year 8 camp went off with a bang this year.  The girls were the first group who got to march up the mountain, followed by the boys on the second night.  Once on the mountain we had to set up camp and cook our own dinners.  We ended the night around the campfire, and shared stories and smores.  Back at base camp we worked our way through several team challenges such as canoeing, milk crate climbing and orienteering.

We came back to school a much closer group, having faced so much together over the short time span.  I will finish with some of the comments students gave us about the camp on our return.

Kerrianne Draper, Year 8 Level Coordinator

It was great! We learnt a lot about working as a team.

We got to work as a team and everyone was encouraging everyone else.

Camp was fun. I enjoyed mixing with my friends and also finding things out about other people I don’t usually hang out with.



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