Year 7 Highlights: end of Term 2, start Term 3 - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 7 Highlights: end of Term 2, start Term 3

  • July 13, 2017

Year 7 Highlights: end of Term 2, start Term 3

The activity day for Year 7s on the last day of Term Two had them thinking back on how far they have come this year, from ‘scared cats’ in Term 1to now confidently finding their way around the College and knowing how to handle lockers and all things Middle School. We discussed how to face their fears and put the ideas into practice by ‘overcoming obstacles’ in a fabulous giant inflatable obstacle course and a horizontal bungee run that had everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves and having a go.

The start of Term 3this week saw all the Year 7s finalise the mummification process of their chickens to wrap up (excuse the pun!) our study of ancient Egypt in FUSE. After much laughter and nose-holding to ensure any smell didn’t waft up noses, the now dried-out chickens were wrapped in various coverings and placed in their ‘sarcophaguses’. Our procession made its way to the thoughtfully prepared site (thanks Mr Siggs and team!) and with due solemnity and some seriousness, and maybe a bar or two of bagpipes from Mr Follett, the boxes and chickens were laid to rest. Hopefully this time next year they will still be carefully preserved and ready for us to exhume. We shall see!

With chickens and all things Egyptian out of our way, we have now begun our journey into exploring ancient Rome, Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ and our theme: ‘The Seat of Power’. To introduce our unit, Mr Follett took on the role of centurion, Ms Crase and Ms Calais fed him grapes and fanned him with a palm frond, and all three gave an impromptu performance of a condensed version of Shakespeare’s classic story of Julius Caesar. We are looking forward to an exciting and busy term ahead in FUSE, as well as our visit to our very own modern ‘seat of power’, Canberra, in Week 6 of this term.

Tania Calais, Year 7 Coordinator

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