Year 6 Science Incursion -The Science Factory - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 6 Science Incursion -The Science Factory

  • August 23, 2017

Year 6 Science Incursion -The Science Factory

Recently the three Year 6 classes had an opportunity to explore a wide range of exciting and challenging science and creative thinking activities in our collaborative learning space. It was like an entire science centre in our school!

There were around forty activities to participate in. One of the best activities was a virtual reality headset. There were really cool things to do. There were flying carpet illusions, balance boards, infinite mirrors, microscopes, fossilised bugs and shark teeth.

At each activity there was a little paragraph of information and then a question that you had to answer. Mr Peter the scientist made a fire tornado. It was awesome! It was an incursion that made science fun and certainly got us thinking. We have followed on from this wonderful science hook with experiments of our own, making volcanoes and simulating earthquakes and avalanches!

By Laura Coumi and Olivia Mckenzie

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