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Year 6 Make a Difference

  • November 20, 2019

Year 6 Make a Difference

As you will have read in previous Eagle Newsletters the Year 6 students have been taking part in group projects to ‘Make a Difference’ in their local community. Here is the last instalment of articles from those groups.

The Peacekeepers team decided to make a difference by providing a student-based support network to support Year 2 in their relationships on the playground. We presented our plan in front of the Year 2 cohort and discuss examples of how the Peacekeepers will support them during the first break. Fortunately, we did not come across any situations in the playground which is a good sign that our Year 2s are following the Glasshouse Christian College’s G.R.E.A.T. values consistently when playing. This made us feel confident that a student-based support network for monitoring student interactions and behaviour was not necessary. We would also like to thank the Lower Primary staff for their support in our project this term.

Sam, Carl, Cam, Troy, Jackson

There is more to Life team decided to make a difference by going to the Year 3 classrooms and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of technology with them. Our focus was on the effects that screens have on your eyes and then to challenge the students to reduce their technology use. At the end of the presentation, we provided a survey to the students where we discovered that the 71 students that took the survey collectively spent over 117 hours on screen time per day in a week. We left the classes with a challenge to reduce their use. We showed our results from our first survey to the students and gathered further data to see if they had tried to reduce their screen time. Most of the students indicated that they tried to change their habits.

Noah, Natasha, Amelie, Cooper, Kayla, Rachael, Ellie

The Nude Food team decided to make a difference encouraging Year 1 students not to bring in or reduce the amount of plastic they brought in to College in their lunch box. Our focus was on identifying the effects of plastic packaging on our environment. While we’re also empowering the Year 1 cohort to make a difference by eating more food that does not require packaging such as fruit and vegetables. To encourage change in the students we came down each day during the first break handing out stickers for students who brought in fruit or vegetables. As the week progressed we noticed an immediate change and excitement around reducing plastic use in their lunchboxes. We would like to thank Year 1 for being fantastic leaders in pushing a positive initiative for our school and environment.

Nicholas, Jake, Jacob, Haylee, Makayla, Aimee, Charles

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