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Year 6 made a difference!

  • August 18, 2021

Year 6 made a difference!

Year 6 students have worked extremely hard over the past couple of months putting their ‘Make a Difference’ passion projects together. The challenge was to choose an issue in the community that they felt strongly about and design an action project that would improve the situation or help others.

It has not been smooth sailing all the way with the challenges of lockdown and the corresponding regulations but with grit and determination, we got there! Students have learnt that ideas are not always easy to translate into reality and that organising things can take a lot more time, effort and money than first thought. We have managed to overcome many challenges and the students have learnt some very valuable lessons about project management, what it means to be part of a community and their responsibilities as Australian citizens.

Here is information about just some of the wonderful projects:


We are a passionate group of Year 6 students that wanted to raise money for animals in captivity so they could have a better life. We did this because we wanted to help the world’s animals that are suffering from bad treatment and not being fed properly. We made jelly cups ourselves and sold them to primary students to make money. We enjoyed working as a group and watching others enjoy our treats. It was good knowing we were helping animals by making a difference. So everybody enjoyed it. We felt it was a success because we sold out in under five minutes and made $126. THANKYOU!!
By Archie Cruise, Riley Paterson, Monty Porfiri and Flynn Lewis

Assistance Dogs Australia

For our Make a Difference group we wanted to raise money for Assistance Dogs Australia. This charity helps people with disabilities by providing them with a dog to help with everyday life. We made lots of cupcakes and cookies and sold them to Year 3 and 6. It was great fun and we were so pleased that we raised $216.40. We would like to thank Mrs Offord for her amazing help with the cupcakes and cookies.
By Hailey Stevens, Darci Roy and Annabelle Greig

Endangered Animals

We are a group of Year 6 students and for our Make a Difference project we wanted to teach younger students about how to help endangered animals. We went to the Year 2 classes and gave them the materials to make endangered animal masks. We also taught them how to protect endangered animals by not buying plastic bags and using paper bags instead. Also we taught them what deforestation means.
By Lachlan Broderick, Zac Nyenhof, Teddy Morris, William Reid and Jackson Mueller

Deforestation – Planting

We are the STF (Sustaining Tree Foundation). We are a Year 6 group fighting against deforestation. Deforestation can lead to a number of problems including climate change, soil erosion, fewer crops, increased greenhouse gases and loss of habitats. As this is a serious issue, we decided to take action by planting native trees in our school community and raising awareness amongst our peers. 

Here is how YOU can also help fight deforestation:

  • Avoid clearing trees at your house
  • Plant some trees around your yard
  • Support organisations fighting deforestation
  • Use less paper
  • Recycle cardboard and paper

By Grahson Turner, D’Artagnan Tappert, Sam Mould, Micah Juste-Constant, Philip Kasselman, Lincoln Barker, Eden Foster

GCC families can see all photos on Pixevety here.

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