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Year 6 mad scientists

  • June 20, 2019

Year 6 mad scientists

Year 6 have once again turned themselves into mad scientists! We have been delving into the exciting world of scientific enquiry with a focus on fair testing and identifying dependent and independent variables.

Our journey began with a visit to the senior science labs where, under the watchful eye of the marvellous Mrs Ritson, the students created slime. We have then created our own rusty nails and mouldy bread experiments.  

Last week the students were treated to an exhilarating visit from the Big Bang science company where they explored scientific tests that involved forces including firing rockets, magnets and marble runs. For a fantastic finale, they watched as chemicals combined to create an explosion often referred to as ‘Elephant’s Toothpaste’. The excitement will continue next term, so make sure you watch this space…..

By Jeanette Roach, Year 6 Team Leader

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