Year 6 Ladies Day Out - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 6 Ladies Day Out

  • October 7, 2021

Year 6 Ladies Day Out

At the end of Term 3, the girls in Year 6 enjoyed a special day out to explore issues relating specifically to them as they head into their next stage of education in Middle School.

They were treated to an amazing day up at Tranquil Park in Maleny, where they devoured a scrumptious morning tea prepared by the wonderful Mrs Wilma Offord. There were plenty of games and activities throughout the day that encouraged the girls to consider differences in personalities and how we can all get along.

Pastor Donna and Mrs Debbie McKinley from the Middle School joined the Year 6 teachers and Pastor Joc in leading activities reflecting on how to be confident and comfortable in who we are. We explored different areas of influence in the girls’ lives and how to react to these influences in a positive manner.

I am sure these life skills will be really useful. The highlight for many students was the ever-popular photo booth. There are plenty of photos for you to enjoy.

Jeanette Roach, Year 6 Team Leader

GCC families can see all the photos in this Pixevety album.

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