Year 6 illustration workshops with Paul O'Sullivan - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 6 illustration workshops with Paul O’Sullivan

  • July 27, 2022

Year 6 illustration workshops with Paul O’Sullivan

The Year 6 cohort has been creating illustrations guided by local artist Paul O’Sullivan over the last 4 weeks. Paul is a novel illustrator and bought in an unpublished text by author Gary Crew for the students to create pictures for. They learned about the process of generating ideas to add a third narrative to a story through illustration. Paul encouraged the students to create images that were outside of the box and added a new perspective or theme to the story. They chose phrases/words that resonated with them from the text and began creating!

Over the four weeks, students planned their images, sketched a rough draft and created a final artwork. Many students were inspired by the line ‘the other side of the rainbow’ and used their imagination to create other worlds which they explored with colour and contrasting images. Others drew inspiration from the idea of drifting away and created illustrations of characters drifting away in space or students dreaming away in class (not art of course!).

Thank you to Paul for encouraging and sharing his talents with the students. And well done to the Year 6 classes who enjoyed developing their creative skills and using their imagination in Glasshouse Design Studio. 

Hannah Steele, Primary Art Teacher

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