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Year 6 Game Designers

  • October 23, 2013

Year 6 are becoming game designers! They are using their knowledge of the design process to develop a computer game for the Year 4 classes.

In the first week the class was introduced to the Scratch game creation software developed by the MIT university.

Students then collaboratively developed a list of questions that they wanted to ask the Year 4 teachers and students. The idea is that through the questions the students will be able to gain an understanding of what the Year 4s would like, to assist them with their game development. The Year 6 students were excellent in working with the younger students, asking good questions and recording the information as needed.

Year 6 Game Designers 1


The next step for the students is to design and create the game and then have the Year 4 class test it out. It looks like it will be a busy and challenging time in Year 6


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