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Year 6 Camp to Emu Gully

  • April 29, 2021

Year 6 Camp to Emu Gully

Year 6 enjoyed three glorious days out at Emu Gully, a very special adventure camp out near Toowoomba. Here are some of their reflections.

Camp was, how do I put this… well different. There were fun and challenging rope courses, lots of things up high in harnesses and the food was… ok. Except this camp I described to you was last year’s. This year’s camp was balancing on logs, helping out other people, swimming in mud and obviously eating. This year’s camp was based on the ANZACs and mateship. We had to face challenges just like the soldiers had to do, and as they say “No man left behind” that’s exactly what we did. The food was fantabulous and included nachos, burgers, burritos and for breakfast,… a feast of mini sausages, hash browns, eggs, bacon and cereal. So to sum up, this year’s camp was challenging and fun with a hint of deliciousness and not to mention the teamwork and mateship. And by far was the best camp yet (I may take it back because next year we get to go to Canberra.)  

Milla Hinds

This year’s Year 6 camp was extraordinary. It got the excitement out of me and put it into helping my team. My favourite challenge on camp was the mud pit. We all had to work together through obstacles and other challenges. The tunnels course, based on the tunnels from the Vietnam War, was really tight and you had to help each other get through with your friends as boosters to lift you up. Lots of people didn’t like it in the tight space due to them being claustrophobic. 

Parker Matheson

One of my favorite activities in camp was the flour bombs, well I guess it was one of my favourites because the mud was great too. The flour bombs were based on actual bombs, if you got hit from a bomb, the flour would explode on you. There were two teams, the red team and the blue team and we put face paint on our face. We had to get three bombs to the other side of the field and place them on a mat and then we would be the winners!

Mahlia Shiel

Year 6 camp was so fun! Camp was based on the wars that Australia has been part of and the spirit of the ANZACs. It was like we were the soldiers because all the activities were based on a certain mission. The mud was unbelievably slimey, gooey, and fun! I know the parents wanted to find out all about the camp and especially the mud when we got back. Hopefully they will enjoy the photos.

Sam Dickens

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here.

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