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Year 6 Bike On Excursion

  • March 18, 2015

On the Thursday of Week 5 all the Year 6 students went on an excursion to Ewen Maddock Dam for our very first get away of the year. We were split into three groups of around 19 and each group had a student leader. The leader helped us through some sticky complicated situations that were still a lot of fun.The main activities each group did were:

  1. mountain bike riding
  2. unicycling
  3. team challenges

My group started off with team challenges. The team challenges were very testing and pushed some students’ minds to have to think like never before. They were difficult but with the help of teamwork we all completed the challenges with a big smile and lots of laughter. We started off with a brain testing challenge called Magic Carpet, followed by Shoe Stacking, Stepping Stones, Electric Wire, and last but not least, Knee Sitting (the hardest).

Then we went to uni-cycling which looked very complicated but in the end was super dooper fun. After 1 hour approximately 10 of us attempted to ride free hand (no holding on to ropes). Some of us got a really good ride but then others got a little bit tired and had lunch. Unfortunately time flew by so we went over to go to mountain biking.

We did a five kilometre forest track that was beautiful, fun and scary on some hills. We got to ride around a lake twice that appeared to have some lurking dangers hiding in the deep, so thankfully nobody fell in! In the end we were all really tired but it was a very enjoyable day, especially because the bus had much needed air conditioning on a very, very hot day!

By Shelby Daunt

The Bike-On excursion was the first outing of Year 6 for 2015 and was a brilliant experience of teamwork and exploration. We had three activities including uni-cycling, mountain biking and team challenges, all of which were both very enjoyable and challenging. The first activity my group attended was uni-cycling.

The majority of us had never tried uni-cycling before and so it proved to be quite difficult to master. However, persistence proved to work, for most of us ended up riding on our own for a few paces, but for some this activity got tiring and they didn’t quite enjoy it as much as most.

The next activity was mountain biking where we went on a five kilometre ride alongside Ewen Maddock dam. This activity we all enjoyed to the fullest! We were able to ride to whatever pace we liked and got to enjoy a lovely landscaped path on our way back to start our last activity, the team challenge.

I loved the team challenge the most because we had various fun tasks in which we had to work together and solve problems as a team. We also had to navigate a map and work with our groups to find out where to go. However, being the last activity at the end of a very hot day we were all quite tired and this made some of us (and including myself) a little touchy and emotional. I have heard there were a few tears for all the groups during this last rotation of the day. But soon it was time to return to the cool of the bus where we quickly felt better and were happy to return to the air conditioned classrooms at GCCC once again.

In conclusion, the Bike On excursion was a very enjoyable outing for Year 6 and I am hoping the College will continue the excursion for the years to come.

By Briony Spencer


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