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Year 5G are Run Around Australia Champions 2013

  • June 19, 2013

The Run Around Australia Champions were finally revealed in special assemblies last week. The suspense had built to fever pitch and classes were longing to know if they were the winning class. There were nine classes who could have been the winners as they all achieved the goal of Running Around Australia in 30 days. During the challenge, we as a Primary school ran approximately 40,000 laps of the oval!

The competition became fierce as the leaders were challenged in the last couple of weeks of the challenge. Every student in the Primary school did their very best to run as many laps as possible each day to give their class the best chance of winning. The fitness levels of students improved dramatically until most students could run continually for the full ten minutes. Others students raced each other every day or ran as a team to encourage each other to run as many laps as possible.

Year 5G were the first class to run right around Australia arriving on the Tuesday of the final week. Year 5G had led for several weeks and were being caught up to but managed to keep their lead and beat 3M to the finish line. Year 3M and 2W finished the very next day to become runners up and Junior Champions respectively. Credit must be given to the teachers of these classes for continually encouraging their students to achieve.

Two hundred and thirty-five students ran 84 laps (25 km) or more and were presented with bronze certificates throughout the challenge. There were also 29 students who ran 140 laps (42 km) or more and achieved Silver Certificates. Awards were also given to the boy and girl in each class who ran the highest number of laps.

Christian Jensen ran the highest number of laps for a boy at GCCC running a whopping 193 laps and Mackenzee Stokes recorded an impressive 167 laps to become the girls’ champion.

Lainey Grieve and Christian Lucas were the highest scoring junior runners scoring 133 and 147 laps respectively. There totals certainly help their class 2W to become the Junior Run Around Australia Champions. Both 2W and 5G have won a day out at an exciting venue of their choice with Mrs Stott later in the year.

Junior Champions

1st    2W  2477 laps

2nd   PG   2174 laps

3rd   1W   2125 laps

2W placed 3rd overall

Senior Champions

1st   5G   3288 laps

2nd  3M   2723 laps

3rd  6M  2893 laps

 Most Laps JuniorBoys  Girls  
1Christian Lucas147 laps2W Lainey Grieve133 Laps2W
2Jack Lecky140 laps2W Claire Logar108 laps1G
3Macauley King130 laps2W Olivia Gregson103 laps2W
 Most Laps Senior      
1Christian Jensen193 laps6M


Mackenzee Stokes167 laps5G
2=Hamish White174 laps6M


Caitlin Moore144 laps4G
2=Dominic Ruhle174 laps5G


Shelby Daunt144 laps4G
2=Patrick McKenzie174 laps5G


Cassidy Ferris143 laps4M
2=Bakani Kombani174 laps5G


Maya Amendolia143 laps6M
3Daemon Cruise172 laps3M    
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