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“Year 5 Camp Ruled!”

  • November 22, 2016

Year 5 camp was the best camp we have been on. We all hopped on the bus and went to Currimundi Recreational Camp. It took us 30 minutes to get to the camp. When we got there we all went to our dorms to unpack and set up our beds.

Once everyone was in their groups we went off to our activities. Group C’s activity was stand up paddle boarding. With SUPB (stand up paddle boarding) first we had to get used to the feel of the boards and the water then we got to have some fun pushing other people off. Robin, a helper from the camp, gave us the choice of going up the stream or going in a big massive circle and having free paddling time. We chose the second option and went around the lake. We then had to walk back to camp and get ready dinner.

After dinner we had a epic POOL PARTY! At the pool party they played music and there were disco lights and we all jumped into the pool at the same time while listening to music. It was the best. We were at the pool for one and a half hours and then we had to go and get dry and into our Pj’s ready for supper. For supper we had milo and some biscuits. Then we got ready for bed when Mrs Ramsay and Mrs Andrews came around for lights out we were reading and then we went to sleep and had some Z’s.

After our breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast we went to the rock climbing center. First when we got there we got told how to put on harnesses and get buckled up to the equipment. Next we had to find pairs. I went up that wall first. At the centre there were two walls and the wall that we went on was called ‘Rocktopia’ and it was molded out of an actual cliff face. The other one was called ‘Walltopia’ and it was just a plain rock climbing wall. When we wanted to come down we had to let go of the wall and the true blue equipment would catch us and bring us down slowly. I went about halfway up and then I let go. The wall was 9.5 meters high and many people made it to the top. We then had a go at bouldering which is where you just scale the bottom of the wall.

Next was circus skills. It was so much fun! We got to try and juggle. Robin was really good at juggling and she told us a few tips on how to juggle. Some of our favourites in circus skills were the trick sticks. We also got to have a go at plate twirling, diablos and pois.

Another great activity was the Alpine Team Rescue. In Alpine Team Rescue your had to imagine that you had just crashed in the mountains and we had the two helicopter propellers (metal planks) and three cups of water. There were two teams and one team had to start at one end and the other at the other end. We had to use the metal planks to get across obstacles and also we had to not spill the water. Once we had finished the team activity we got to find out who had the most water.

Later in the afternoon we went to the archery centre. When we got there Robin showed us how to load the bow and hold it. We all got a go at shooting at a target then once we all had 3 goes we got to shoot at an inflatable that had 4 floating balls. I hit one down because my arrow bounced and hit it. We also got to have a go at hitting a moving target (a ball).

After dinner and dessert we went to get changed for the Night Of Talent. There were a lot of great acts and quite a few funny ones too. Some people danced, told jokes, played the bongos, or performed a puppet show or skit. We all laughed so much. It was hilarious.

Friday was our last day and we ate pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast. It was so delicious! After breakfast did the high ropes course. It was so much fun. I got to climb the pirates rope and the easy caterpillar. Your team mates had to pull you up and you had to let go and they would lower you down slowly. Similar to rock climbing. After we had finished Robin took us to the giant swing and gave us a safety briefing on it. It was 20 meters high and when you got to the top you had to pull a little string and would would go sailing through the air. It was the best experience ever!

Finally we had to pack up and tidy our area and go one the bus back to school. It was the best camp I have ever been on. YEAR 5 CAMP RULED!

By Lize Kasselman and Chelsea Lewis 5

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