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Year 3 Mary Cairncross Excursion

  • August 21, 2013
Last Thursday as part of our integrated unit “Life in the Rainforest”, both Year 3 classes went on an exciting excursion to Mary Cairncross Reserve.

We learnt lots of interesting facts about Mary Caincross and that we could go anytime! It was soooo fun! We learnt to never pick up a round leaf because it could be off a stinging tree and never open the door of a trapdoor spider because it could bite you
. (By Ryan Stead 3G)

In the education centre I saw some spiders. It was scary! Then we started talking about snakes. I blocked my ears. I hate snakes. Then we went to look at crayfish holes. Sue (our guide) said that crayfish are endangered. I felt sad.
 (By Jorja Goddard 3M)

We saw pademelons and trapdoor spider nests, some awesome bracket fungi, the tallest strangler figs in Australia and LOADS OF LAWYER VINES. Lawyer vines are extremely spikey vines. I reckon everyone’s favourite things to see were the pademelons.
 (By Mason White 3G)

Jane Beadon

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