Year 3 History Excursion - Bankfoot House and Teamsters' Hall of Fame - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 3 History Excursion – Bankfoot House and Teamsters’ Hall of Fame

  • June 11, 2014
Have you heard of the Gympie Gold Rush? Did you know Old Gympie Road was built to take travellers there in the late 1800s? The year 3s know all about it.

Mrs O’Donnell’s 3M, Mrs Noke’s 3W and Mrs Beaden’s 3G recently visited the oldest house in Glasshouse – Bankfoot House, which was built as a stopover for Cobb & Co coaches. We were given a special tour of the house and learnt about its residents and many of its old household items.

We then crossed the road to Teamsters Hall of Fame where we ate damper, learnt about Cobb and Co and even sat in one of the original coaches. The highlight of the day was being rocked from side to side while we sat on the old leather seats of the coach. We could easily imagine the rough ride the passengers would have had on the bumpy roads and hard wooden wheels.

Jane Beadon
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