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Year 2 go to the zoo

  • August 21, 2013
A Very Awesome Trip To Australia Zoo With Year Two by Mitchell Blue
On Friday 26 July, 2013 we went to Australia Zoo on a Glasshouse Coaches bus.  We went to learn about the zoo and Australian animals. My favourite animal was a kangaroo.  It was heaps cute.  The group all got to pat it.  I nearly stepped on the kangaroo’s tail!  Ahh!  Next we went to the Crocoseum and the Croc Show.  It was scary! But I wasn’t scared of the super speedy birds.  I was amazed at how speedy they were.  Wow!  I had a great day at the zoo.

Cool Trip To Australia Zoo by Bryce Sambrook
On Friday the 26 July we went to Australia Zoo.  All of the three Year 2 classes went with their teachers and some parents.  We went to get information on Australian animals.  We got there on a Glasshouse Coaches bus.  First I saw the crocs at the Crocoseum.  One of the zoo staff asked someone in the crowd to feed a little croc.  Then we saw a huge croc called Mosman.  The zoo keeper fed it.  One of them had a piece of meat on a wooden ramp and Mosman had to jump up high.  It was really cool!  Next we saw the birds.  The birds were really cool when they flew very fast.  It was really cool.  One bird took a $5 note from a lady then the zoo man made the bird give it back.  It was very funny.  I liked the small birds when they flew very fast because they looked like a rainbow.  I had an exciting day even though it sprinkled a little bit.
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