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Year 11/12 Biology Field Trip

  • May 22, 2013

Last Friday (17 May) the Year 11 and Year 12 Biology classes participated in two biological field studies.

The first field study was at Kings Beach Caloundra on its Rocky Shore. The students identified and recorded the number of various marine organisms in the four intertidal zones of the Rocky Shore. They successfully identified different species of organisms from tiny periwinkles to colourful anemones.

Students did however, have some difficulty identifying one strange species. That was until I told them that it was actually a macaroon which I had brought for my morning tea!

After a quick stop at McDonald’s for lunch, we headed for the rainforest at the end of Steve Irwin Way. At the rainforest students performed a quadrat to estimate the numbers of different species of rainforest trees. They also took water samples to check for the various types of macro-invertebrates living in the water which is an indicator of water quality.

Those present will always remember how Libby Carver ended up in the river. Todd Davis was piggy backing Libby across the river so her shoes didn’t get wet when he lost his balance and Libby went straight in.

All the participating students had a great day out exploring the two contrasting ecosystems. Each of the five groups collected valuable data which they will use in their Field Study Report which is due at the end of Week 8 this term. Many thanks to Mrs Bullock and Mrs Ritson for their invaluable help with the field trip.

Mr Doolan ( HOD Science )

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