Year 10 Legal Studies excursion - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 10 Legal Studies excursion

  • November 1, 2017

Year 10 Legal Studies excursion

Legal Studies is very much a ‘practical theory’ subject that provides students with the opportunity to get a head start on their peers by learning and studying concepts that have real life relevance. The current unit on Housing Law is an excellent example of this. Whilst the primary focus is on evaluating the laws that surround renting and buying a dwelling, the unit lends itself for students to engage with experts in the field and encounter experiences now that will prepare them for their future genuine experiences.

Earlier in the term the students had the pleasure of hosting popular and highly successful real estate agent Dan Clarke from First National Real Estate Beerwah. Dan provided valuable information for the students as future renters and buyers and talked through the contract phase, including pest and building inspections, and outlined the rights and responsibilities of buyers and sellers and all the relevant interested parties.

The most recent experience for the students was a visit to the new Millbrook housing development in Beerwah. Meeting with the developer, Doug Forbes and real estate agent Donna Girdler from First National Beerwah, the students were led through the development journey from start to finish. Feedback from the students suggests that the real life application of the experience made this a stand out excursion and one that they will build on in their futures. Doug and Donna pointed out the many legal requirements and regulations surrounding developments, purchasing off the plan, understanding easements, as well as covering topics such as town plans, urban growth and investment, infrastructure and stakeholders. The real highlight for the students came from walking through the display homes and getting a visual representation of what to look for when they are in a position to purchase a home in years to come.

Breaking down the walls to the classroom and bridging the gap to the real world is particularly important for this generation of young people. Glasshouse Christian College appreciates the many opportunities provided and is encouraged by the local community businesses and members to extend the students’ learning and make it real for them. Thanks to Doug Forbes and Dan Clarke and Donna Girdler from First National Beerwah for donating your time to a cause that will have a significant and lasting impact on this class of Legal Studies students.

Tanya Cullen

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