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Writers and Riders

  • November 4, 2014

We at GCCC have always known our students are simmering with literary talent! From time to time the community joins with us in acknowledging the beauty of writing, imagery and meaning as expressed by our students.

It is exciting to announce that two students have recently received such recognition. Firstly, Grace Davis of Year 10 will have her poem (below), “Battlefield of Humanity” published in a 2015 release “The Text Generation”.

Battlefield of humanity

I watch them from the skies,
They blur the lines between good and evil,
Mark their places in the middle,
Fight their battles from both sides.

They claim their knowledge of wrong and right
As they both grab swords and stab,
Cutting skin with ugly words they spit
Like venom.

They sit on their side and fire back
With immorality.
Then dig holes to hide their crimes,
Covering lies, black eyes, and battle cries
Like bullets.

And then they fall.

Starkly different, though revealing the same creativity and depth of meaning is Courtney Sinclair’s (Year 12) winning entry in the “Shakespeare Said” competition in which she took an original image and put it together with a quote from Shakespeare’s play “Cymbeline”.  This combination of an image and words is called a meme.
War meme - Amanda Gook

Congratulations to both girls! To all the buddying GCCCers with simmering literary talent. Let it out! Have a go! Come along to “Writer’s Club” on Tuesday lunch times or enter one of the many competitions promoted within the College.

It’s time to get writing and creating!

 Amanda Gook, Head of Humanities

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