Wondrous Art Exhibition - Glasshouse Christian College

Wondrous Art Exhibition

  • October 9, 2018

Wondrous Art Exhibition

We were delighted to have so many guests come to appreciate the artworks of our Year 1 ‘wondrous workers’, 2018. Mrs Mitchell officially opened our event and we proudly chanted our Year 1 rap. There were many different styles of artwork on display and the children were excited to show off what they have achieved.

Everyone had the opportunity to participate in the ‘People’s Choice Award’. Each Year 1 child had selected the work they were the most proud of and tagged it with a gold rosette. These indicated the selection for voting. We know it was a very difficult choice!

We welcomed Prep students as well, who were heard making happy and encouraging comments.

Thanks so much for the participation of so many! People’s choice winners were announced at the afternoon assembly. Congratulations to all of our young artists, for such a fine display of their work.

Following the exhibition, we were blessed to have three talented artists work with the children to showcase their talents. Two of our staff members came. Mrs Candace Joubert showed her special talent with acrylics by painting a stunning beach scene. Mrs Jenny Evans showcased her detailed work and then had the children participate using an app called Draw and Tell. Finally, Mrs Hannah Wilson (former student) had the children learning some sketching techniques as they each drew a detailed leaf, inspired by Hannah’s incredible plant picture.

Long live creativity!

Lin Smith

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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