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Winter in the Kitchen Garden

  • June 22, 2023

Winter in the Kitchen Garden

Winter Chai

Many wonderful moments were had this term. The most vivid – a gigantic visitor who took a fondness for Mrs McClure’s hat. Didymuria violescens, the violet-winged stick insect (or phasma). Wow, what a beauty! Native to Australia, these huge insects are peaceful vegetarians, this species preferring to nosh on eucalyptus leaves. The children and teachers were equally fascinated (and a little terrified). Please see our latest YouTube video below for a close look.

Year 1 decided our pumpkins were ready to harvest. Some were a little too high up the trellis for the children to reach, but we managed to cut them down and drop them many times. 

We were gifted a large piece of ‘honeycomb’. The children were able to touch and smell the delicious waxy hexagons. This inspired a conversation about where ‘wax’ comes from, how it can be used by us and why bees make hexagons instead of circles.

Our delightful citrus trees have blessed us once again with over 90 Oranges and about 10 mandarins. Some are slightly sour, and others have a few too many seeds, but together we are enjoying them all the same.

Over the past few weeks, the children have explored the many spices used to create a warming ‘chai’. We found that the popular ‘cinnamon’ we all know and love on our doughnuts is in fact tree bark!

We made a big brew of hot, creamy, sweet Chai. Most children enjoyed the new flavours and smells. Taking themselves out into the garden to sip and enjoy together. Nostalgia in action. It was beautiful to witness. The recipe is included below.

We are looking forward to more fun and learning in Term 3,

Nicole Young, Kitchen Garden Coordinator

Warming Chai Recipe. 

Makes 5-6 cups

Bring 4 cups of water to a simmer.
Add: 10 cloves, 1 star anise, 12 white peppercorns, and 6 cardamon pods (crushed).
Stir, and remove from heat.

2 Tsp allspice (Powder)
2 Tsp cinnamon (powder)
Add 3 Tsp black tea.
Add 1 cup of cream, stir
Add ½ a cup of condensed milk, stir
Allow to cool significantly.
Strain and serve warm with a sprinkle of vanilla chai mix on top.

You can see all the photos HERE

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