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Wild about our school

  • June 3, 2021

Wild about our school

We were all in awe of the wonderful creatures that Kirstan from Geckoes Wildlife brought to our College for us to learn about. She capably explained about their habitats and how the creatures’ needs are met in that environment.

We were able to touch most of the creatures and marvel at the textures we felt. We love how the little owl moves its head about to see, as its eyes do not move. We saw the fat green tree frog with pads on its feet for climbing. We were fascinated by the frog using its eyes to help push down its food. The head of the black-headed python we saw is like a solar panel for it to warm up, even just popping its head out from the ground.

We saw a sweet little ringtail possum that can build itself a soft nest like a basketball with a small opening and a long-necked turtle who loved to tuck into his shell. We saw two different lizards who like their environments dry, a shingle back lizard and a frill-necked lizard. We even had a crocodile at school… yes, with his mouth taped up just for the visit.

We loved the whole experience!

Lin Smith

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety here and here and here.

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