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What’s happening in Primary?

  • November 11, 2021

What’s happening in Primary?


As we speed ahead to the last weeks of Term 4 and the end of a school year, there are a few important events coming up and a few reminders to share with you.

It’s that wonderful time of the Year – Christmas cards and candy canes

With Christmas fast approaching and all the wonderful decorations and goodies in the shops to buy (one of my favourite times of the year), children often want to hand out Christmas cards and share candy canes with their friends at school. This is a wonderful time of goodwill and generosity. Please could I ask that we save this for Thursday and Friday in Week 8 and for the last four days in Week 9. 

Stationery for 2022

This is just a reminder that stationery is provided by the College for students in Prep to Year 6 and this provision has been included in the school fees. This will mean that you will not be receiving a stationery list at the end of this year. This also means that children will not have to carry in heavy bags at the start of the school year in 2022 and you will not have to cover and label a mountain of stationery. Some of the items that you may need to purchase will be a pencil case, headphones, art shirt and a College library bag. You will receive an email with this information.

Collecting children during school time and at the end of the day

Please report to Main Administration if you need to collect your child or children from school during the school day. This applies right up to the last day of school this term. On the last day of school, students will meet their parents at their usual pick up spot.

As per the end of day pick up arrangements for Primary children, please remind children of the pick up arrangements at the end of the school day. All children are either picked up from the class by parents, catch the bus, wait at Kiss and Go which is a supervised area, walk home or they go to the library to change books and read quietly. The library is open until 3:30pm. For our smaller children, if they have not been collected by parents or picked up by 3:15pm then teachers take them to Main Admin.

Helping Hands is also an option for parents if they need this service. All children should have a plan of action for the end of day pick up and they should not be playing tiggy or running around the school.

 Please also let the teacher know if the end of day pick up arrangements change.

Primary Awards and Year 6 Graduation

Parents who have been invited to these events would have received an email. We are looking at the option of live streaming this event and I will let you know if this is going to be available. Photos will also be taken and shared. These are both formal occasions and students will need to wear their formal uniform on Monday 22 November and Wednesday 1 December.

  • Year 6 End of Year Fun Day – Friday 19 November
  • Year 3 Strings Concert – Friday 19 November
  • Prep – Y2 Awards Ceremony – Monday 22 November 9.30am
  • Year 3 – 6 Awards Ceremony – Monday 22 November 11.30am
  • Year 5 Band concert – Wednesday 24 November
  • Upper Primary Christmas Concert – Thursday 25 November
  • Orientation – Friday 26 November
  • Lower Primary Christmas Concert  – Friday 26 November
  • Last Day for Prep – Friday 26 November

Christmas Blessing

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Christmas concerts. The Upper Primary Concert is on Thursday 25 November and the Lower Primary Concert is on Friday 26 November. Please save the dates and come and enjoy these special events with us.

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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