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What’s been happening in Year 1?

  • August 4, 2022

What’s been happening in Year 1?

What a week Year 1 had! On Tuesday they had a super fun-filled morning of being scientists!

To start the day, all of the Year 1 students watched an interactive science show where we learnt about colour-changing catalysts, different sounds that can be made, how to make clouds and different scientific languages. The students were very inquisitive and asked lots of questions as the lesson progressed. 

Then, during the workshop time, students learnt how to make their very own PVA bouncy ball. They followed some simple instructions to create two bouncy balls to keep. There were lots of multicoloured goodies going home at the end of the day and the students were so surprised that once they dried they ACTUALLY BOUNCED!

Ask them about the steps they followed to create them. The motto for the morning was squeeze, squeeze, squeeze; tap, tap, tap! 

Amy Eskdale, Year 1 Team Leader

GCC families can see all the photos here.

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