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What Makes a Great Team?

  • August 10, 2023

What Makes a Great Team?

For all of Term 2, half of the Year 12 cohort signed up for Oztag training with the goal of attending the All Schools Oztag competition last weekend, held at the Kawana Sports Stadium. There was so much interest that we ended up entering two teams that had ample subs. This is a competition that our students had never participated in previously.

 Oztag is a sport that is quickly gaining some ground worldwide, and with state championships held on the Sunshine Coast, we are quickly becoming known as the epi-centre of Oztag in QLD.  Many schools in the region have been participating in the competition for over 6 years, so they are well experienced. This year there were over 200 teams registered to compete.

This meant for our Year 12 students, they were a little nervous about the level of competition they would be facing. Regardless, they took on the challenge and wow, did they succeed. I’m not talking about success in the normal terms of competition where the goal is to win your games. We didn’t win a single game. Not one. But they were absolute winners in my eyes! They showed up to every single game over the weekend, ready to give it their all and they cheered on each other with every tag and every try as if they had just won the whole competition. They really impressed the Oztag officials with their team spirit. It was beautiful and an absolute pleasure to witness. I could not be more proud of the amazing team they have built for themselves. So much fun was had by all and many memories were made. 

So what makes a great team? Sometimes it’s not just about achieving the prize but the experiences along the way; the highs and lows; the memories made and the life-long friendships that are developed through creating a network of people who commit to the cause. I’m so proud of all our Year 12s and the way they work together to contribute to a positive and supportive culture at our College. They’re currently sprinting towards the finishing line of their schooling and they’re applying themself with full steam…please keep our wonderful Yr 12s in your prayers as they approach the end of their schooling chapter.

Cassie McKenzie, Year 12 Coordinator

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