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Welcome to Mr Gatsby’s Mansion

  • June 10, 2015

This term my English class is studying the classic novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

On one recent Friday afternoon, everyone in our class received a letter inviting them to the Gatsby party that would be held during our English lesson that day. We were also given a small card with space for ten points upon which we were required to provide our thoughts about each “Gatsby” clue hidden around the room on the theme we are studying – “wealth”.

In all honesty, it sounded a little dorky and strange, however I couldn’t have been more wrong! When we arrived at the party room we were greeted by Year 11 students dressed in their best 1920s outfits. There were young gentlemen dressed in dapper suits and girls in flapper dresses. We were offered dress up items such as gloves, ties, hats, and flapper headpieces.

They offered us drinks and had an entire row of tables along one wall with food laid out for us. Along with the food, there was a playlist of traditional 1920s flapper party music, which really got us into the mood.

Around the room were ten sheets of paper that were extracts from Fitzgerald’s novel, which we needed to read and from the passages write down our thoughts in order to be able to eat the available food. This exercise definitely helped as during the next English lesson we went over our notes and learnt more about the theme of wealth in “The Great Gatsby”.

Overall it was an incredibly fun time and by far the most enjoyable thing that I have experienced in an English class. Our phenomenal teacher Miss Gook puts constant effort into our learning and I am beyond thankful for it.

Rebeccah McKelvey,  Year 12 Student



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