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Welcome back to chapel

  • March 16, 2022

Welcome back to chapel

There was much excitement in Chapel this week as we celebrated both having the ability to meet together for the first time this year and Harmony week.  Every student was given a glow stick before entering a darkened auditorium as the Chapel band played the song Let the light in.    

Some of the elements incorporated into the chapel where one of our Gubbi Gubbi students Amelia Hughes was presenting an item about the recent Bunya Nut Festival and our Middle School dance troupe were performing a lyrical routine to You Will Be Found (from the musical Dear Evan Hansen), which was choreographed by two of the students Rachael Little and Chloe Turnbull. 

This term in our chapels we are working through who Jesus says he is with this week’s message being based on Jesus saying “I am the light of the world”.  Pastor Syd shared that after a life-changing encounter with Jesus, the apostle Paul had been transformed from being a bully who persecuted Christians to someone who dedicated his life to sharing the love of Jesus with anyone who was prepared to listen.  

Jesus does not discriminate instead he invites all to live in the light.  His love breaks down all barriers and calls us to live in harmony with one another as we love our neighbour as ourselves. 

The celebrations continued into the lunch break as students from Year 7 through to Year 12 came together to play giant twister and giant Jenga. A great vibe could be felt as students enjoyed sucking on Chupa Chups and dancing along to the music streaming from the infamous Doof Doof Den.

Donna Newell, College Pastor

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