Welcome back to Agricultural Science - Glasshouse Christian College

Welcome back to Agricultural Science

  • February 2, 2023

Welcome back to Agricultural Science

It’s been a fantastic start to the year in the Ag Department welcoming new students to the subject as an elective as they come into the senior years, as well as the excitement of our new Agricultural Science unit in Year 9!

On the topic of new faces, we welcome Mrs Merisa Wschnat to the Ag Team as she eagerly takes on teaching the Senior Ag Prac students, and the rest of the team, Ben Ukkola, Cherie MacLeod, Matt Osberger (when he returns from leave) and myself, return with loads of enthusiasm for all things Ag as always!

Each grade has been introduced to their topics for the term, with Year 9 investigating how to feed the world in 2050 and planning a chicken verse lettuce growth rate investigation.

Year 10 Ag Practices are set to construct beehives and Year 10 Ag Science are investigating open and artificial pollination in zucchinis, and both will be competing for the biggest sunflower yield!

Year 11 Ag Practices are looking into establishing farmgate sales, while Year 11 Ag Science will be exploring pollination vectors in fingerlimes and plant/flower anatomy.

Finally, the Year 12 Ag Practice students are getting innovative and exploring to reduce food waste and create new products, as the Year 12 Ag Science students are investigating broiler growth under different protein ratios.

I am so excited for the term ahead as students grow their knowledge in food and fibre production along with a love and respect for the practice and science behind agriculture.

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