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Voices Online in 2021

  • March 11, 2021

Voices Online in 2021

Voices on the Coast was celebrated last week and for the first time due to COVID, it was held online. As always, a great lineup of authors and illustrators were made available and our Year 6 students enjoyed sessions with Amie Kaufman on story writing and illustrating tips and tricks with Peter Carnavas. The sessions were well-paced and interactive, with many relevant ‘take-aways’ for the students who are developing a short story as their writing focus this term.

Secondary students also enjoyed the sessions with Amie Kaufman and multi-award winning author of The Medoran Chronicles, Lynette Noni who gave valuable advice for common problems students have in creative writing. Brian Falkner provided strategies for helping students see their potential as writers and Nova Weetman’s session was positive and informative, providing insight into cover art for novels and how publishers use different covers when promoting books in other countries.

We look forward to sharing the books that showcase the talent of these amazing authors and illustrators and seeing how their inspirational sessions develop students’ skills and passion for reading and writing.

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarians

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