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  • May 26, 2014

Year 7 and 8 French Students enjoyed the production of Vive La France performanceon Monday 19 May.

Vive La France took a humorous look at some of the events and people that have come to typify France’s great culture and what a lot we learnt.

The two actors kept the audience engaged throughout. We learnt about the 100 years war and Monsieur Guillotine, who attempts to persuade the world of the effectiveness of his new punishment device. We journeyed through the French Revolution, met historical icons like Marie-Antoinette, Joan of Arc, Louis XVI and even delved into the heart of Napoleon’s short-man syndrome. The actors used current songs to retell the story of these famous characters in history and even introduced us to the World of French Art. The grand finale was set in the Moulin Rouge where several students assisted the actors in performing the Can Can. A hilarious ending to a very enjoyable and educational experience!

Lee-anne Gordon

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