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Virtual Open Day: Four reasons why it could be better than the real thing

  • May 14, 2020

Virtual Open Day: Four reasons why it could be better than the real thing

We will miss the food trucks, train rides and animal nursery but this year’s Virtual Open Day actually allows us to do a lot more than we could at our traditional event.

Virtual Open Day - Sunshine Coast Private Schools Open Day

1.   Virtual Open Day allows you to show off your school with friends and family anywhere in the world! Our Virtual Open Day will be on Facebook and YouTube. You could start a watch party or just share the post to your timeline and tag friends and family who want to stay connected even though they are far away.  

2.   Virtual Open Day has a lot more information. We have covered everything from Prep to Year 12 and you can even take a virtual tour of our Agricultural Science farm. Learn more about subjects in Secondary or what a typical day is like in Prep. There are segments on day to day life at GCC you may not be aware of.

3.   Virtual Open Day has no clash of performances. Our students are so talented that it is normally a struggle to put together a program where there are no conflicts. It’s difficult for parents to be in two places at once if they have children performing at the same time. This year’s program is all in one place (online) so you don’t miss out on anything. Due to the restrictions that have been in place since March, you may have seen some of the performances before but we also have lots of new footage in other areas that you will enjoy.

Virtual Open Day Program - Sunshine Coast Private School

4.   Virtual Open Day is a golden opportunity for you to help us. The current restrictions mean that all the normal fund-raising opportunities have closed for now. However, if we can continue to attract new families enrolling at GCC, then that will secure a strong and healthy future for our wonderful College. New enrolments mean more government funding and a quality educational journey for all of our students. To embrace this golden opportunity, we are asking you to please share the Virtual Open Day event on Facebook to your timeline and/or tag a friend who may be interested. If you or they don’t have Facebook then email them the link to the event on YouTube or tell them about it.

You have already been emailed the information for Open Day but here are the links again for those who would like them:

·        GCC Facebook page
·        YouTube link to Virtual Open Day
·        Timed Event Program
·        Eagle Hunt Entry Form
·        Open Day page on our website.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you all there.

Returning to school

Following the Premier’s instructions, we welcomed back our Prep, Year 1, 11 and 12 students last Monday and it was wonderful to see them. I have never seen so many teenagers excited to go back to school! I’m looking forward to Monday 25 May when our Years 2 to 10 classes will be able to join us back on campus.

We will continue increased diligence with daily temperature checks and supervised hand washing until further notice and ask parents to take extra precautions. Please use social distancing measures when picking up children and do not enter the College campus to collect and drop off your children.  

Remember now more than ever we must ensure that if your kids are sick they must be kept at home. 

It is comforting that the staged easing of restrictions is working so well, and I am sure we are all looking forward to getting back to normal.  

Mike Curtis, Principal

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