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Virtual Debating

  • May 10, 2017

Virtual Debating

Have you ever argued with someone who is not even in the room?

… Well this is exactly what our students have been doing recently as they have taken up the challenge of VIRTUAL DEBATING!

In these short-preparation debates our Seniors and Year 9 students, with the support of their coaches and our IT Department, have been bringing the verbal battle to schools from all over Australia.

As they prepare and present their debates in less than 2 hours they have been learning how to think on their feet, confidently form a logical argument and critique the evidence brought against them.

Showing speedy improvement, our students will face more Virtual Debates before this completion ends and just in time to prepare them for the launch of  2017’s Live Debating Competition.

If you would like to represent GCC in our Live Debating Competition, be sure to contact Miss Gook and connect up with a team.

Amanda Gook

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